I received a traffic violation.  Should I attend a driver improvement clinic before my court date?

We recommend going to court first to ensure that you will be granted permission to attend in order to have your violation reduced or dismissed.  However, you may attend a clinic voluntarily prior to your court date.

Will I receive points for attending a driver improvement clinic?

If you are attending voluntarily or ordered by DMV and have not been awarded points within the last 24 months you will receive five safe driving points.  If you are required by the court to attend a driver improvement clinic, the court will determine if you are to be awarded safe driving points. You must present documentation from the court to us before DMV can award points.  Safe driving points will not be awarded if we do not receive this documentation.

What are the requirements to obtain a learners permit?

The individual must be at least 15 years and 6 months old, pass the signs portion of the test 100%, general knowledge 80%, vision screening,have parental consent, provide proof of residency, identity, social security number, legal presence, and pay the applicable fees.

 What happens if I fail the learner's permit test?

Individuals under age 18 must wait 15 days before retaking the exam.  If you’re 18 or older you may opt to pay a $2 fee to retake the test on the next business day or wait 15 days.  If you fail the test three times, you will be required to complete an eight-hour Virginia’s Driver’s Manual course before attempting to take it a fourth time.  Individuals under age 18 will also be required to complete the classroom portion of driver’s education if they haven’t already done so.

I am under 18, what is required in order for me to obtain my driver's license?

If you are under age 18, you must hold your learner’s permit for nine months, complete 45 hours of guided driving practice with a parent/legal guardian (at least 15 hours after sunset), 36 periods of driver’s education classroom, an online 90-minute parent/student presentation and 14 periods (7 driving and 7 observing) of behind the wheel instruction in order to obtain your license.

I’m 18 years old.  Do I have to complete a driver’s education program?

No.  Anyone over the age of 18 is not required to complete a driver’s education program.  You may opt to hold your learner’s permit for 60 days and then complete the road skills test administered by DMV.

What happens once I receive my 180-day temporary license?

You will receive a notice with a date to appear for a juvenile licensing ceremony within the initial 180 days.  It will be held by the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court in your jurisdiction.  You must attend the ceremony with a parent/legal guardian, dress appropriately, be on time, bring your learner’s permit and 180-day temporary license.  The judge will issue your permanent license to your parent/legal guardian during the ceremony. 

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