Online Driver's Education Course

Genesis Driver Improvementhas partnered with the National Driver Training Institute to provide our students with the Online Virginia Teen & Adult Driver Education Course.  The program consists of at least 30 hours of instructions and includes components about alcohol safety, drug abuse awareness, aggressive driving, distracted driving, pedestrian and bicycle safety, handicapped parking, fuel-efficient driving practices, motorcycle awareness and organ and tissue donation awareness as required by law.  You must be at least 15 and 6 months to complete this course.

Driver's Education Behind the Wheel

This in-car course will provide each participant with the skills necessary to be a safe defensive driver.  We focus on building good driving habits and confidence with simple teaching techniques and positive reinforcement.  It includes 14 fifty-minute periods (7 periods of driving and 7 periods of observation) including the final road skills examination.  A clean fully-inspected vehicle with a dual brake will be provided.  Private lessons are also available upon request.

Driver's Manual/Three Test Failure Course

This is an eight-hour course based on the Virginia driver's manual and is designed to better prepare individuals for the knowledge test. The completion date of the driver's manual course must be after the date of your third knowledge test failure. Once you have successfully completed either the classroom component of driver education or the Driver's Manual course and have provided DMV with your certificate of completion, you can retake the knowledge exam.

If you have failed the knowledge test three times and are age 18 or older, you must either retake the classroom component of driver education (36 fifty-minute classroom sessions) or complete an eight-hour Driver's Manual course.  If you have failed the knowledge test three times and are under age 18, you must complete the classroom component of driver education if you have not already done so.  You must provide proof of completion for the classroom component of driver education prior to enrolling in the eight-hour Driver's Manual course.

Adult Waiver

The adult waiver gives individuals 18 or older the option of waiving the requirement to hold their learner’s permit for 60 days and taking the road skills test at DMV. Completion of this state-approved driver education program will include 36 fifty-minute classroom periods along with 14 fifty-minute in-car periods (7 periods driving and 7 periods of observation).  Alternatively, you may obtain your learner’s permit, hold it for 60 days and complete the road skills test at DMV to obtain your driver’s license.

Online Driver Improvement Course

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Driver Improvement Course

In this eight-hour course you will learn defensive driving techniques to promote highway transportation safety.  If DMV requires you to attend a clinic, you must do so within 90 days.  Failure to comply will result in your driving privilege being suspended.  Five safe driving points will be awarded once every 24 months after you successfully complete a driver improvement clinic.  If a court requires you to complete a clinic, the court will determine if you’ll be awarded safe driving points.  If you are under age 20, you will not be allowed to complete this clinic online.

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